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Clean Energy Means Business Corporate Summit

November 7-8, 2017
History Colorado Center
Denver, CO

Business leaders are increasingly turning to clean energy as a strategy to lower operating costs, reduce electricity price risks, and advance sustainability initiatives. The summit will draw leaders from throughout the Mountain West to learn about best practices from clean energy experts and to exchange valuable information.

Session topics will include:

  • Effectively Managing Energy Costs and Risks
  • Financial and Other Benefits of Clean Energy Projects
  • Offsite Clean Energy Solutions for Facilities
  • Expectations in Finding a Development Partner
  • Managing and Reducing Demand  Charges
  • Turning Tax Bills into Equity Returns
  • Being a Good Corporate CitiSun Makes Good Business

• Speed Matching

As more and more Mountain West corporations seek to measure performance using financial, social, and environmental metrics, the content and networking during this summit will prepare energy leaders to make decisions to enhance the long-term performance of their organizations.

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