Meeting Assistance

Audio Visual Coordination

What's one of the biggest problems at meetings and conferences where you have multiple speakers...isn't it getting everyone's presentations setup and ready to go on the computer while the audience tries to wait patiently.  Let R. L. Martin and Associates, Inc. help you out.  We're experts in PowerPoint and moving files between computers with CDs, Flash Drives, whatever your AV needs.  We don't provide the equipment, but we help your speakers concentrate on their presentations instead of on the logistics of getting their presentations to work.  And we make speaker transition smooth for you attendees. We can also convert your presentations to PDF and get them posted to your web site.

We have assisted a number of energy/environmental organizations with their conference/meeting AV needs.  Here is a some of our current clients:

  • NASEO (National Association of State Energy Officials)
    Helped with 2-4 meeting/conference per year since 2000
  • EEBA (Energy and Environmental Building Association
    Have helped with their annual conferences since 2000
  • RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network
    Helped with their main conference each year since 2003
  • NAESCO (National Association of Energy Service Companies)
    Helped with their annual conference each year since 2005
  • AESP (Association of Energy Service Professionals)
    Helped with their national conference since 2008. Now also helping with spring and summer conferences.
  • Utility Energy Forum
    Helped with onsite registration and logistics since 2009


What do we charge for making your life easier....$300/day plus expenses/staff person.  We don't charge for travel time, because, hey, we love to travel.  Hint, you have a better chance of getting us to drop everything and come to your assistance if you have your meeting/conference in a desirable location!

If you'd like one of us to come to your aid, send an email to