Who Are We?


energymeetings.com is a project of R. L. Martin & Associates , Inc. and is designed to be a place that lists all energy efficiency, renewable energy and green events.  energymeetings.com is also setup to handle registrations for small to large events for organizations that don't access to a good meeting/conference management system.  

Event Listings

energymeetings.com is a place to list your energy efficiency, renewable energy or green event. Simply click on add/edit event and follow the form to enter information about your event.  It asks for a username and password so you can come back and edit the events that you add.  Once you'd added an event, RLM will be sent an email asking for approval of the event.  If its an energy efficiency, renewable energy or green related event, it will be approved and posted.  The system is being updated to allow more options so people can search for what the types of events they are looking for.

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    We are working to revise and update this site. For now send event announcements to:

Registration Management

RLM uses energymeetings.com to handle meeting registrations for small organizations and companies. Many small organizations and companies don't have the ability to accept credit cards online for meeting registrations. Let RLM handle the registrations for you. RLM has an Authorize.net Merchant Account that can be used for collecting credit card meeting registrations. energymeetings.com collects your meeting registrant information in a database that you have continuous access to. energymeetings.com also allows you to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet so you can do whatever you need to do.


Here are the costs associated with setting up and handling registration for your event:

Event Setup $45
Credit Card Costs
American Express
Per Transaction (Visa, MC, Discover)
Per Transaction (American Express)
Batch Deposits
International Risk Premium




RLM Time
Any additional time issuing refunds, helping registrants with registration issues, making changes to registration once its setup, etc. Billed in 15 minute increments.


Custom Programming
If your event needs something that the energymeetings.com cannot currently do, we can add the needed feature at our hourly programming rate. Billed in 15 minute increments.


Registration System Charge
This is the charge for using the energymeetings.com or ColoradoEnergy.org web site for your registration needs.

$100 minimum or $1/attendee whichever is more

Do you have a meeting coming up where you need registration services? Let R. L. Martin & Associates, Inc. assist you.

R. L Martin & Associates, Inc.

RLM is a web development/management company specializing in designing and maintaining web sites for energy and environmental organizations and companies.   RLM has been developing and maintaining web sites since 1995.  Find out more about what RLM can do for you at www.rlmartin.com.